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Platinum Luxury Auctions® is the only luxury auction company founded exclusively on experience in the auction sale of luxury properties on behalf of affluent owners. The Platinum team has closed more than $460 million in luxury real estate auction sales, and has advised or consulted on nearly $1.5 billion in additional luxury auction property volume. To hear what Platinum’s clients and partners have to say about these sales, please visit the Testimonials page.

Platinum’s luxury auction℠ platform combines key elements of the following five fields: luxury real estate brokerage, auctions, advertising, marketing and public relations. Platinum’s elegant combination of these services ensures its clients they are participating in the most sophisticated and effective auction program that is available for luxury properties. Further, the firm provides these services to its clients for a fraction of the cost required to retain experts from each of these fields individually.

Through its considerable experience, Platinum has built an extensive, global database of high-net-worth buyers. Many of these buyers prefer auctions as their venue for very high-value purchases. By only contacting these buyers with special auction opportunities, the firm maintains a positive and communicative relationship with them.

Every Platinum luxury auction℠ is a fair, expeditious and uncomplicated process. Successful settlement of a property is typically achieved in approximately 60 days from the initiation of one of the firm’s marketing programs.